What to expect from recently announced Silent Hill games

Shaun M Jooste


It’s been about a week since Konami dropped a bombshell on us. Not only did we hear about a Silent Hill 2 remake, but the company also announced three new games. It’s one of the biggest announcements of the century considering we thought the franchise had died.

We already covered the details of the Silent Hill Transmission. Today, we’re going to take a more detailed look at what we expect from each announced game from the showcase. It will be a mixture of known facts, fan discussions, and speculations.

What to expect from recently announced Silent Hill games
Silent Hill remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Many of us fans have been waiting for a remake of any kind from Konami. We were pleasantly surprised to see Silent Hill 2 as the first official remake of the modern gaming console generation. The company showed us the new graphics and told us that there would be updated gameplay features.

Referring to the visuals, Konami indicated that there would be a permanent camera-over-the-shoulder perspective. If you played Silent Hill 2, you may recall that the original and remastered editions both had fixed cameras. Now, you’ll see everything from James’ view, just behind his shoulder.

Silent Hill 2 DOWNLOAD

It’s bound to give us a brand new experience of the game. You’ll be able to see monsters head-on while wondering what’s behind the corner. While some fans would have preferred the camera remain the same, I’m excited by the new viewpoint. It means I can look at items in more detail.

If you follow Facebook and other social media Silent Hill groups, you’ll notice many of them have the same question. Why didn’t Konami start by remaking SH1. I personally believe it’s due to three reasons:

  • Silent Hill 2 is considered the most popular in the series (I love Silent Hill 4: The Room the most)
  • It ties in with Christophe Gans making a new movie based on Silent Hill 2
  • The third reason links to Silent Hill Townfall, which is next on my list, so I’ll discuss it there.

Silent Hill Townfall

At first, we thought the trailer for this game didn’t have much in the reveal except for someone speaking and flashing images on the portable TV. However, yesterday we revealed there was an image hidden in the Silent Hill Townfall teaser that sent chills up our spines. What does it mean, and will we be required to heal the haunted town?

I already went to town in that news article explaining why I believe it’s a possible remake of Silent Hill 1. Well, not so much of a remake as a new vision. The name ‘Townfall’ seems to already imply that we’re heading back to when the town fell, literally. It’s when the church tried to burn Alessa as they believed she was a demon, and that’s when the fires of hell destroyed everything in the neighborhood.

Silent Hill Townfall DOWNLOAD

Of course, the Silent Hill Townfall trailer doesn’t implicitly indicate any of that. There are a few images that flash on that mobile television, and one of them looks like a door from the P.T. playable teaser. What could have been Silent Hills may be revived as Townfall, instead. 

All we can do is guess at this point, but wouldn’t it be great if we went back to the origins again, much like Silent Hill: Origins did?

Silent Hill Ascension

If you’ve ever played a Netflix interactive movie game, you’ll have a rough idea of what I expect of Silent Hill Ascension. From what we know so far, it will be a multiplayer experience only. Also, it will only air once, so blink and you’ll miss it.

Silent Hill Ascension DOWNLOAD

The only date we have for the release is sometime in 2023. Every choice you and your team makes is final, so you can’t reset or go back to a previous save. That’s probably why we won’t see it air again, as everyone will learn how to play it by watching others.

Bad Robot, a TV production company, will be involved, as will Behaviour Interactive from Dead by Daylight. Specifically, Genvid is from the Bad Robot company, and they’ve made something similar with The Walking Dead: Last Mile. I’ll keep watching the news to see if there’s any more information that comes to light.

Silent Hill f

The last game on the list is the one that seems to be getting the most appreciation from fans. Instead of being based in America like all the games, Silent Hill f is based in Japan. The time period seems to be the 1960s. While not much is known about it at this point, the trailer reveals quite a bit.

Silent Hill f DOWNLOAD

Firstly, it’s interesting that the series is traveling to Japan, making us wonder what connection it has with Silent Hill. Also, the red tendrils are fascinating and look like the symbiotic arms of Carnage from the Marvel universe. They also look similar to what we’ve seen in Resident Evil 7.

Many gamers have been wondering what the f stands for, with some saying it’s the musical symbol for forte and others flowers. In any event, it’s an interesting title, to say the least, and the gore and suspense are high in the Silent Hill f trailer alone.

High expectations

Yes, it’s clear I and many other games have high expectations for the Silent Hill series. I was so excited that I made an announcement about the future of my Silent Hill novels. The sad part is that not all fans feel the same, as I’ve seen in many SH groups I am in.

For some reason, many of them are negative and have nothing but hateful speech to spew out. After waiting for so long for a new game, we finally have four coming our way. They just refuse to accept that Silent Hill is coming back, and I’m here to live every moment of it!

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